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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Suicide Letter

If you were to ask me a year ago if I would even write a book, I would tell you no. I was so involved with being a mother, that I never thought I would have the time to do much of anything. Now that my daughter is almost three and she is doing nearly everything on her own, I had to give writing a try.

My number one book priority right now is finishing my book, The Suicide Letter. 

About six years ago, after listening to the 30 Seconds To Mars album, I had a dream of this story. In my dream, a boy was contemplating suicide after losing the love of his life. The dream was so vivid, I could see every detail of his small apartment. I could even smell the rotting of old food. The boy was sitting at a kitchen table and scribbling words down on a piece of paper. I never saw the paper in my dream, but I know it was a suicide letter. I felt everything he felt. The dream was extremely intense.

I tried numerous times to write this story. Most of the time is was as a script. Since the dream was so dynamic, I thought making it a film would be best. Unfortunately, I could never get it quite right. I never forgot about the dream.

About six months ago, my sister Allie told me about the website Figment. I was hesitant, but she talked me into joining. After posting the first chapter, I became addicted. I loved that people could heart the story and tell me what they liked or even what the disliked about the story. 

The Suicide Letter isn't finished yet, nor is it perfect. However, I do have a few chapters up. Since I want so badly to be published, I have decided no longer to post the new chapters. So far, I have been getting great comments. People seem to love the story. I just hope that a literary agent feels the same.

I'm hoping to have the story completely finished in a few months. 

<3 Eliza

Random Fact #2: My most prized possession is my nook which I named sNOOKi

The cover for The Suicide Letter was made by CriWrites from

If you would like to read what I have so far, click here!

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  1. nice, good luck :) I'm still kind of cutting my losses with short stories.